Our work speaks for itself–but if you want to hear real-life people talk about our service, here are some testimonials about Invisible Business Solutions:

“Gina and Invisible Business Solutions have been incredibly fast, accurate, and always knowledgeable.”
Brian Hodges, CEO, IQWireless

“Gina was a great help to me on a recent project for a local non-profit organization. She provided a sample flyer as a concept and a website address, Gina went beyond the call of duty in putting together the flyer. It was more than I even thought to ask for. I find her to be a valuable resource for any type of administrative work and recommend that anyone who doesn’t have the time or energy for their paperwork to contact Gina.”

Mark E. Mayers, The Lands Council

“Over the years we have grown to be friends and I have always respected her and the work and dedication that she has shown.

“She is smart and resourceful, insightful and not one to be conned by a line of bull. She is straight and to the point and believes your actions count more than your words.

“Over the years I have seen her manage projects with cool efficiency, calling people if they are not inline and working longer hours and weekends to make sure that her job is complete. She is close to a perfectionist with a great personality and the ability to see the whole picture, and is willing to listen to another point of view.”

Scott Carr, Owner, Spokane Computer Geeks

“She is organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever is needed to get a particular task finished.  Gina is loyal, driven, quick to learn new tasks, and works well under pressure.”

Scott Walters, President, Intermountain Materials Testing


Invisible Business Solutions
“Your Business – Our Solutions”
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Office: 509-482-0660

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